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Tour Operator Charter

Flightexec understands how important traveler’s schedules are. Working closely with our tour operating partners, Flightexec has endless resources to accomplish your tour, your way. With our intimate knowledge of the travel industry, let Flightexec be your one and only phone call.

Sporting Charter

Whether you want to walk the greens at the Master’s, catch a NHL playoff game, or head over to Paris to be a part of the crowd at the French open, Flightexec is your Travel Solution. Capable of accommodating large groups, Travel Solutions also includes options for sporting teams, coaches, management, and team support staff. From the word go, Flightexec can have a private aircraft standing by to take you to your favourite sporting event.

Construction & Mining Charter

Site tours and investor relations play a critical role in the success of any project. Access to your construction and mining sites can often be very challenging as there is limited or no scheduled flights. Enter Flightexec Travel Solutions. With Flightexec you can tailor your charter to arrive in the morning at your site tour and return home by end of day. Flexible travel scheduled your way ensures productivity is not affected by lost time in transit.

Event Planner Charter

Planning a wedding? Planning a Las Vegas get away? How about a nice weekend in the Caribbean for your top executives? Event planning can be stressful. Let Flightexec take on the logistics so you can focus on a successful event. Reward your top producers and offer travel incentives today!

Oil and Gas Industry

Working typically in remote areas inaccessible by scheduled flights, Flightexec understands the unique travel needs of our clients in the Oil and Gas industry. As with all industries, safety is paramount. Rest assured, Flightexec crews are trained to the highest standard. Our Flight Crews and Travel Solutions Professionals are experienced in operating in the remote environments that come along with the Oil and Gas Industry. Whether it is paved runways or gravel landing strips, rest easy knowing Flightexec has the experience to transport Oil and Gas Executives and the employees in any capacity.

Automotive industry

The Automotive economy is returning to a healthy and prosperous industry. The geographical area needing to be covered by executives is vast. Streamlining travel time and adding efficiency to your travel schedule is paramount. During new product and technology launches, private travel can give you an advantage over the competition. Imagine being able to attend multiple automotive events in one day. Efficiency is the goal and Flightexec has it.

Financial Roadshow

Financial Roadshow

In your world time is literally money. To make the most of your investments, your travel schedule takes you to the investment capitals worldwide. Whether it is a meeting in New York, London or Paris, it is important you arrive rested and ready to conduct business. Take away the hassle and inconvenience of traveling commercially. Take to the skies in our flying boardrooms and prepare for you meetings in privacy and luxury on your private aircraft. Arrived rested and refreshed, you will be ready to accomplish your goals. Your success is limitless.

Government and Military

Specializing in discrete Travel Solutions for Government and Military V.I.P’s, Flightexec is experienced in providing the upmost discretion and security for this sector. In times of crisis, Flightexec has the resources for medical evacuations and personnel transportation for top officials. Flightexec is a supporting partner in times of crisis.

Government and Military
Financial Roadshow

Freight Forwarding

When great distances need to be covered in a short time, freight forwarding via air is the only viable option. Flightexec’s Freight Forwarding Division is ready to help. Capable of reaching destinations all over the world, Flightexec is your one stop resource when it comes to moving freight. Offering real time position reports for the fleet allows our clients to know exactly where the freight is real time. Big or small, Flightexec’s Freight Forwarding Division is ready to serve.

Music Tour

Whether it is a North American, South American, or European Tour, Flightexec has you covered. Our team has created vast partnerships with some of the biggest musical acts in the world offering a one stop Travel Solutions for musical tours. Musical acts are whisked from the stage upon completing performances to their private executive aircraft which stands by waiting. Upon arrival, the clients can expect their preferred catering set to their exact specifications and relax as they travel to the next venue. Full support from Flightexec Travel Solutions Professionals ensures nothing but luxury and relaxation while traveling.

Music Tour