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Turboprop 6-8 passengers, up to 18

Suitable for short 1 – 3 hour trips, a Turbo Prop is an economical option providing access to destinations not served by scheduled flights. Turbo props are known for their safety and efficiency and are capable of accessing short unimproved gravel runways where jet aircraft are unable to land.  Larger Turbo Props can accommodate up to 18 passengers.

Light Jet 6 – 8 passengers

When time is of the essence, a light jet is an excellent option to cover great distances quickly. Typical flying range on the light jet is approximately 3 – 4 hours. Light jets can whisk passengers away to further destinations faster than the Turbo Prop counterpart. Able to fly at higher altitudes, light Jets can fly high above weather keeping the passengers in the upmost of comfort.

Medium Jet 8-9 passengers

The medium jet category brings the passengers to the next level of executive travel. Typical seating is configured for 8-9 passengers and offers a larger cabin for improved comfort. Flying range is varied, typically about 5 hours. Elegantly appointed this category of aircraft is suitable for the executive business traveler or for family and friends on a relaxing vacation escape.

Large Jet 10 -15 passengers

The large jet category offers the most elegantly appointed aircraft available. Typical seating configuration is 10 – 15 passengers. Able to fly long distances at faster speeds in the largest cabins, no compromise is made on comfort. As a standard, all large jets come with an executive Cabin Attendant to increase passenger comfort. With a large jet, the world is truly within your reach.

Executive Airline

Executive airline aircraft cater to the travel groups or clients who prefer the largest available aircraft with increased capacity. Typical seating configurations range from 60 business class seats to 189 seats when configured to economy class. Have a group larger than 189 travelers? No problem! Flightexec can source on your behalf any aircraft you require. Contact Flightexec Travel Solutions department today!